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Full Chapel Cremation Funeral

Traditional Full Chapel Cremation Service at a Price You Can Afford. Starting From $ 6,795.00


The feeling of grief when losing a loved one can be compounded with anxiety and stress when making funeral arrangements.

If you have decided on a Full Chapel Cremation Service, helpful guidance can assist in saying goodbye with compassion, respect and dignity.

For all choices required for a Traditional Funeral Service you can be rest assured the individual needs of your family our main concern and all requests will be respectfully met with care and attention to detail.


Services We Provide

  • The following is an itemised list of our services:
  • Direct Cremation ( Non-attendance cremation)
  • Traditional Cremation Service at Crematorium Chapel
  • Traditional Cremation Service with Church Service
  • Full Burial Services
  • Repatriation
  • Prepaid Funeral Services


If you are interested in receiving details or need to arrange a service, please call 1800 032 225 or complete the form to enable us to contact you to discuss your options.